Booklet is an excellent mean to attract a client

Booklet is an excellent measure to attract a clientBooklet is an excellent measure to attract a client, image number 2

Many companies use booklets in their daily activities for mailings to potential customers or distribution to visitors to the office. The advertising booklet is a kind of reference book in which all information about the company, its products and services is given. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the content of the booklet has a well-expressed basic idea and a good design of contact information.

In addition to the text, the booklet also contains graphic information. For example, photographs or illustrations of products and services offered. The booklet is similar in its content to a brochure or catalog, but the booklet is not stitched in production, which significantly reduces its cost price. If you expand the booklet, you get a whole prospectus of advertising. When information is prepared for publication in the publication, the ability of the booklet to be used in any form: rolled up and deployed.

Issue booklets in basically two formats: A3 and A4. The species are subdivided according to the folding methods. For example, one fold (one bend) divides the sheet into two. Two folds have two variants of assembly: "accordion" and "snail". Three folds allow you to fold the booklet in three versions and so on. The material for printing publications is usually coated paper, but if the customer decides to make the booklet more efficient, then expensive designer paper is used.

The main methods of printing booklets are digital and offset printing. Digital is well suited for a small print run, and production and printing using offset technology is used for large runs.

The polygraphic performance of the booklet must necessarily correspond to the level of the product, the advertisement of which will be carried out through this publication. If the goods and services of high quality and high prices, it is undeniable that in a cheap and unpretentious booklet advertising of such products will be doomed to a catastrophic failure.

To properly determine the effective design and design of booklets, it is better to contact the professional designers. Masters will create high-quality advertising products for successful attraction of your potential customers.

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