1920x1080: Field and mountains

Field and mountains
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2560x1600: Evening fountains o…

Evening fountains of Paris
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1920x1080: Under the stars

Under the stars
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2560x1600: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
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1920x1080: Field under cirrus…

Field under cirrus clouds
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1920x1080: Radio amateur in th…

Radio amateur in the morning
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1920x1200: Japanese youth

Japanese youth
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1920x1200: Wet road in the for…

Wet road in the forest
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2560x1600: The haze above the…

The haze above the clouds
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1920x1440: Smoke Dollars

Smoke Dollars
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1920x1080: Autumn bridge

Autumn bridge
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1920x1080: Brook among the bou…

Brook among the boulders
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1920x1440: FC Corinthians

FC Corinthians
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How to choose a wedding dress by the zodiac sign

How to choose a wedding dress by the zodiac sign
Total views: 5030     Published: 23.03.2012

Many thousands of years ago, people created a science according to which our destiny determines the location of the respective stars and constellations in the sky. Our ancestors made decisions often only after long studies of the sky and its "components". So why do not we take advantage of the advice of the stars with such a responsible choice - choosing a wedding dress?

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses
Total views: 7341     Published: 22.03.2012

Wedding Fashion 2012 promises to be bright and enchanting. In general, the wedding direction in fashion has always been distinguished by its eccentricity and scope, so the coming season will not be an exception. So how to choose a wedding dress to keep up with fashion trends and at the same time to realize your dream dream of becoming a princess?

Booklet is an excellent mean to attract a client

Booklet is an excellent mean to attract a client
Total views: 7865     Published:

Many companies use booklets in their daily activities for mailings to potential customers or distribution to visitors to the office. The advertising booklet is a kind of reference book in which all information about the company, its products and services is given. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the content of the booklet has a well-expressed basic idea and a good design of contact information.

In addition to the text, the booklet also contains graphic information. For exa…

1920x1200: Grasshopper in the…

Grasshopper in the grass
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1680x1050: The cute lory

The cute lory
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1920x1200: Military twilight

Military twilight
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1920x1200: The brightness

The brightness
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2560x1600: Background in Brazi…

Background in Brazilian tones
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