1920x1080: Berries

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1920x1200: The brown background

The brown background
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2560x1600: The summer at the f…

The summer at the field
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1680x1050: The world around us

The world around us
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1920x1080: Limp bizkit group

Limp bizkit group
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1920x1080: Duet Duft punk

Duet Duft punk
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1680x1050: Yearning

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New spicy pictures of Volochkova

New spicy pictures of Volochkova
Total views: 6236     Published: 09.08.2012

On the Internet, once again appeared candid photos of Volochkova, which the ballerina did while on the island of Crete. Here on vacation she flew with her daughter Arisha, a former husband and mother. Pop-diva did not hesitate to swim almost naked. It is noteworthy that this happened in the presence of the aforementioned close relatives of different generations.

1920x1080: The lion is looking…

The lion is looking to the left
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1920x1200: Those smileys

Those smileys
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Eight rules of a happy marriage

Eight rules of a happy marriage
Total views: 4201     Published: 07.08.2012

All ingenious - it's easy! 8 simple rules for the adjustment of family relations. Practically all these rules are based on one thing - you want to create a happy home and family.

French fashion: luxury and simplicity

French fashion: luxury and simplicity
Total views: 6210     Published: 06.08.2012

Gabriel Gonor. This name can not say much to an ignorant person, except perhaps the French origin of its possessor. But if we hear the nickname of this great woman - Coco Chanel, then everything will fall right into place. This legendary person became the face of all fashionable light, a legendary brand that conquered not only France, but the whole world.

1920x1080: Unicorn

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1920x1080: The summer and the…

The summer and the  sand
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1920x1200: At the foot of the…

At the foot of the tower
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1920x1080: Town in the valley

Town in the valley
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1920x1080: The way up

The way up
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How to photograph lightning?

How to photograph lightning?
Total views: 5657     Published: 02.08.2012

Which of us is not admired by lightning, which is accompanied by a rolling thunder? All of us, as a rule, stood at the window and admired the amazing natural phenomenon! And probably, sooner or later, each of us could have such a question: how do they photograph the lightning?

1920x1200: The fresh rose

The fresh rose
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1920x1200: On the shore

On the shore
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1920x1080: Lake. Morning.

Lake. Morning.
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