Laminate or linoleum

We have the choice: Laminate or linoleum

Laminate and linoleum are now the most popular flooring. Which one is better to choose? This question worries every inexperienced consumer. To make the right choice, you need to learn all the advantages and disadvantages.

Linoleum - a floor covering based on polymeric materials. Depending on the material distinguish:

  • natural - monophonic, based on resins, as well as vegetable oils;
  • PVC linoleum;
  • alkyd - with increased thermal insulation, from alkyd resin;
  • colloxylin - one-layer, elastic and moisture resistant, which is made from recycled cellulose;
  • linoleum-reel - two-layer, elastic and moisture resistant, made of rubber.
  • The advantages of linoleum: high wear resistance, wide choice, reasonable prices.

    Disadvantages: sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, in addition, is not resistant to chemicals.

    Laminate is a multi-layer modern floor covering. In the composition of the laminate: very wear-resistant layer, base, as well as a polymer layer and decorative paper with imitation of natural wood. Laminate is: waterproof and waterproof. The operating class of the laminate is the length of the laminate's working time, during which the original appearance remains.

    Advantages: UV resistance, durability, thermal and wear resistance, easy installation and maintenance, environmental friendliness.

    Disadvantage: afraid of high permeability and harmful detergents.

    The thermal and durability of the laminate is much higher than that of linoleum. But moisture resistance is worse than linoleum: water on linoleum dries up without harm, and on the laminate leads to the appearance of bubbles. The appearance of linoleum and laminate perfectly imitates stone, wood, as well as granite or marble chips, and so on.

    To care for the laminate, special cleaning agents and regular cleaning of the plate joints are necessary, and for linoleum - usual detergents. Installation of the laminate requires an almost perfectly flat surface. Laying linoleum is easier, but it will be difficult if there are protrusions. The cost of linoleum and laminate is approximately the same. Before choosing a coating, you need to determine its purpose. For example, for a bathroom or kitchen, a moisture-resistant linoleum is suitable, and for a living room - a laminate, as it emphasizes the imitation of natural material.

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