New spicy pictures of Volochkova

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On the Internet, once again appeared candid photos of Volochkova, which the ballerina did while on the island of Crete. Here on vacation she flew with her daughter Arisha, a former husband and mother. Pop-diva did not hesitate to swim almost naked. It is noteworthy that this happened in the presence of the aforementioned close relatives of different generations.

As a result, media representatives managed to make dozens of photos Vdovin and Volochkova. They clearly show that the former spouses behave towards each other as a couple. Vdovin and Volochkova frolic in the water, rub their backs with cream with special tenderness, and also make a special massage to relax the muscles. But that's not all. In one of the pictures, the couple kisses at all.

The first unique photos appeared in the magazine "StarHit", which actively cooperates with Andrei Malakhov.

It is interesting that earlier Anastasia Volochkova in an exclusive interview suddenly announced that she often falls asleep in the same bed with her ex-spouse. And, in her opinion, there is nothing shameful in this. All the time of vacation next to the former couple was the mother of a ballerina.

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