Eight rules of a happy marriage

Eight useful rules of a happy marriage

All ingenious - it's easy! 8 simple rules for the adjustment of family relations. Practically all these rules are based on one thing - you want to create a happy home and family.

Here is a list of these rules:

  1. Respectful relationship to each other. In a happy marriage, two persons respect not only themselves but also their spouses. Do not allow emotions to take "top" of the mind. The emerging problematic issues are tried constructively.
  2. Attention to each other. They try to notice everything that the second half does for them and show their gratitude. The words of gratitude, as is known, are motivated to execute "boring" everyday affairs. This is especially true for women. Agree, everyone is pleased to hear: "Thank you!" For the work done. It inspires and makes you happier!
  3. Joys and misfortunes - for two. The ability to hear and sympathize with another person is the ability of a loving heart. As you know, the joy, divided into two, increases 4 times, and the trouble - decreases by 2 times. Here is a higher mathematics!
  4. The desire to be outwardly attractive to each other. Choose a wardrobe and makeup, given the tastes of the spouse. Listen to the wishes of the other half, thereby showing how important it is to know his / her opinion.
  5. Respect for each other's interests. The desire to spend as much time together as possible is one of the main indicators that people are happy together. Before the creation of the family, each of them had their own interests, now they are one and they have joint interests: they play football together or watch a melodrama ...
  6. Every day is a pleasant surprise for a loved one. This gives a certain "highlight" to the relationship, significantly "enriches" them with new impressions and emotions.
  7. In a happy holiday together Best holiday is a change of scenery. Spouses who value their marriage tend to organize various trips as often as possible, whether on nature, fishing or in Hawaii ...
  8. Kiss is the key to success! Kissing is one of the best ways to improve the family atmosphere. Use it to your health!

The list can be continued. But almost all of these rules are based on one thing - you need to want to create a happy home and family. And then everything will be sure!

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