French fashion: luxury and simplicity

French fashion: both luxury and simplicity

Gabriel Gonor. This name can not say much to an ignorant person, except perhaps the French origin of its possessor. But if we hear the nickname of this great woman - Coco Chanel, then everything will fall right into place. This legendary person became the face of all fashionable light, a legendary brand that conquered not only France, but the whole world.

Today you can learn a lot about Chanel's biography. Her life is devoted to a great many books, several films were shot, the first of which was published back in 1978. But the most important thing is the creations of the legendary diva, who give away all the luxury and simplicity of the French fashion.

Once Gabriel said that she was tired of carrying reticuli in her hands, especially since it is so easy to lose them. It was this decision that led to the appearance of an elegant bag on the strap that could be hung on the shoulder. Now small quilted handbags on a long chain try to forge almost all the manufacturers, but the real Chanel bag in the hands of a woman is easy to distinguish. The brand makes the woman a representative of the bohemian circle and conveys an unprecedented grace.

Chanel's career in the fashion world began not with bags, but with hats. They are just as elegant and modest as the whole style of this mademoiselle. A small hat with fields suits ladies of any age and conveys an extraordinary femininity.

Mark Chanel was initially aimed at success, because her main task was to ensure the convenience of all women. It was Chanel who proposed to abandon the rigid corset, replacing it with a simple shirt and skirt. The entire outfit could simply be emphasized with an elegant strap around the waist.

Favorite material Chanel - knitwear. She wanted people from high society to wear clothes that were accessible even to the poor. Gabrielle completely abandoned the expensive jewelry in the image, replacing them with fine pearl lines. To this day, pearls are considered a model of good taste and elegance in the world of French fashion.

A special relationship with Gabrielle developed to perfume. She believed that spirits should be used in places where you would like a man to kiss you. The delicate and sensual fragrance "No. 5" from Chanel still enjoys incredible popularity and attracts men of different ages.

Coco Chanel wore the whole world of women in a small black dress. Before, this outfit was considered mourning, but with the light hand of the girl, it became an integral part of the women's wardrobe.

Today we can safely say that the clothes from Chanel - this is not following the fashion, but the classic, which will never become obsolete.

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