How to photograph lightning?

How to photograph any lightning?

Which of us is not admired by lightning, which is accompanied by a rolling thunder? All of us, as a rule, stood at the window and admired the amazing natural phenomenon! And probably, sooner or later, each of us could have such a question: how do they photograph the lightning? Is it possible to photograph this natural phenomenon so that it is possible to leave unique cadres for memory and even surprise them with their own friends.

Sometimes, looking at photos with lightnings, an opinion is formed that for Such a photographing will require too expensive equipment and certain knowledge to capture the unique frames of lightning. I want to make you happy that it is not difficult to make such pictures. Amazing photos with lightning can be done if you have the simplest digital camera in operation. It must be fixed on a tripod without fail.

A reliable, sufficiently sturdy tripod is required first. Lightning, as a rule, should be removed on a long exposure. Therefore, you can not take pictures with hands. If you do not have a tripod at hand, then do not despair. For such photography, the first time you can use as a window sill, as well as various items that are able to keep your camera stationary for a long time.

The second necessary condition is the camera's ability to take pictures at a long exposure. Ideal if the shutter speed is set to infinity, and the shutter will be flipped in manual mode. If your camera can take a photo at 30 seconds, then that's enough to get great photos with dazzling lightning. Very good, if you have a remote. It will allow you to specify an arbitrary shutter speed, as well as a certain interval, through which you can perform a repeated photograph. With the help of such a remote, you can photograph lightning without putting yourself in danger. It is very easy to use. Let your camera take pictures of yourself, while you can hide in a safe place at this time.

Taking pictures of lightning is quite a pleasant experience. In any city they are equally good. You can go at least to Murmansk, even to the Crimea - there will always be unique and unique cadres.

Taking lightning is an exciting activity. And the result, as always, will be unpredictable and very interesting.

Good luck!

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