Facebook is not going to release its phone, investors are disappointed

Facebook is not going to release its new phone, investors are disappointed

Let's remember that recently on the network there were rumors about the release of the phone from the corporation Facebook. Greenlight (a UK digital marketing agency) conducted a survey that seeks consumer demand on a mobile device from Facebook.

The survey showed that only 8 percent are ready to immediately acquire a corporate social network phone.

50% of respondents would not change their mobile phone to a device from Facebook, and 44% would consider this offer, paying attention to the functionality of Facebook-phone, the price, the appearance.

Andreas Puros (Chief Operating Officer of Greenlight) believes that if Facebook is not going to release its own smartphone, then the company does not have a serious solution to the problem associated with monetizing the mobile version of the social network.

Now the company starts and will continue to launch the newest advertising formats for mobile facebook users, but there is still a very serious question: will the corporation integrate advertisements even into mobile phones with the smallest screens so that it does not Users of social networks?

The profit report showed that Facebook is an excellent business that can bring a lot of money to its creators, but in the battle for mobile advertising it is very much losing to corporations such as Google and Apple.

Despite the fact that according to the latest data, the company's income grew by 32% in the year, reaching a level of $ 1.2 billion, Facebook investors are still concerned about the way the company that created the largest social network , is going to continue to monetize its mobile version.

The fact is that at the end of 2011, representatives of Facebook reported that the mobile version of the largest social network had more than 425 million active users - it's almost half of all the most active users of Facebook.

Naturally, the development of mobile technologies has greatly increased the use of Facebook. Now users are increasingly entering the social network from mobile devices, over which the company's control is severely limited, and, consequently, with their help it is very difficult to earn money on advertising.

Most recently, a rumor has surfaced on the Internet that Facebook, together with HTC, has begun developing its own mobile phone model.

Investors and experts believe that effective e-mail marketing as a tool in business could be very successful, because creating your own mobile device would allow Facebook to distribute advertising in a mobile version of its site much more efficiently , Would bring the company an additional source of profit.

But Mark Zuckerberg refuted these rumors, saying that he does not see any sense in creating his own smartphone.

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