The Organizing Committee of the Olympics

The angry Organizing Committee of the Olympics

A scandal is brewing at the London Olympics. Athletes are dissatisfied with the nominated by the organizing committee of the Olympics conditions. These conditions prohibit contestants from fulfilling their advertising contracts - to advertise companies that are not partners or official sponsors of international sports competition.

Thus, participants of the London Olympics have to break off profitable individual advertising contracts. The ban, put forward by the organizing committee of the Olympics, by the way, was not a surprise, since even before the start of the competition the athletes were sent letters warning that violations of the regulations of the Olympics would be followed by harsh sanctions up to disqualification.

First of all, athletes from the United States of America started talking about this problem. They spoke through Twitter with a proposal to change or mitigate this rule.

Don Harper, the gold medalist of the Beijing Olympics, wrote on his Twitter that he was very proud of the opportunity to participate in the Olympics, but asked for a review of the so-called “rule 40”.

Don Harper was supported by other members of the national team. Later, the American team was joined by colleagues from Australia. Paralympian Matthew Cowdry, swimmers of the Bront Campbell James Roberts - spoke out about their dissatisfaction with this rule. The Organizing Committee of the Olympiad is waiting for the increase in the number of the group. For example, swimmers from Australia, Kate Campbell and Imon Sullivan have long concluded contracts with the company Nestle. This company is the official sponsor of the Australian swimming team since 2008.

The Organizing Committee of the Olympics does not hide that the adopted restrictions are intended to protect the partners and sponsors of international competitions. Forty-four partners and eleven sponsors made their contributions to the common fund of the Games in London.

Each company invested about $ 100 million in the development of the Olympic movement. These ways of earning give them the right to use the logo of the competitions and marketing actions on their products.

CNN informs that only to these corporations the organizing committee of the Olympics allowed using the logo of the London Olympic Games. In the UK capital, nearly three hundred law enforcement officers are watching to ensure that other entrepreneurs do not violate the “sponsorship contracts”. They are not allowed to use the words “2012 ”, “Olympics”, “gold”, “medals”.

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