How to incarnate a city traffic correctly on the photo

How to incarnate a big city traffic correctly on the photo

If you need to convey the turmoil and the crowd of a big city, then take a fairly simple advice. With such photography, use low exposure values, and also allow urban transport and citizens to create a certain trajectory of their movement on the photo. Such photography can be easily achieved if you have a tripod, without which you can not do without, to create the necessary effect.

To do this, select the priority order of the shutter speed on the camera and set it to 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4s. If the lighting allows you not to light the image, then you can apply a higher shutter speed. Then press the shutter release button. In order to "catch" the urban movement, you will need less than a second. In this case, lanterns, sculptures and buildings will remain in their original places, and everything else will leave a definite trace of their movement against the background of still objects of photography.

The effect of the motion looks just fascinating at night photography. Try also to find a high point of photography (for example, from a bridge, from a window of a high-rise building, etc.), from where you will have a beautiful view of traffic. Then, set the camera on a tripod, select the priority order for the shutter speed, set the shutter speed to 30 seconds, and take a picture. Set the camera on a tripod is a prerequisite for a successful photograph. After 30 seconds you will be able to get long laser lines that are similar to laser beams (these are traces of movement of the vehicle's lights) and white (from the headlights of cars). These are pretty impressive photos that most art photography enthusiasts can not do.

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