What should be the volume of e-books

What should be the optimal size of e-books

You can earn in the network on everything you just want. One way is the e-book . But in order to sell the book, you need to give it a presentation. It does not matter how many pages your book will consist of, the main thing is what is written there. Everybody thinks that first of all your book should have a volume of at least 100 pages. I can say with confidence that this opinion is very erroneous.

It is important that all information that is highlighted in the book be submitted exhaustively, so that the reader no longer has any questions On the topic under consideration. It often happens that in large books it is impossible to get to the truth. That is, nothing concrete is written there, but there are about 100 pages in the book. But it also happens that there are only 20 pages in the book, but everything is written very correctly and sensibly there.

Strange, but the authors of such books are very shy of their own works. They think that if the book is small, then nobody needs it. That's when they visit their thoughts to increase the volume of the book in any way. Here are some ways to increase the volume of the book, but without changing its content.

You can increase the volume by increasing the font size. Only here it is very important not to overdo it. After all, if the pages of the book are decorated, according to the rules, then this book will always look good everywhere. People who are just beginning to work with e-books, to increase their volume to start changing the parameters of the pages, and then put the font, starting from 14 points. After such a book print out to get a monster. And then the user will understand that you deceived him, because the volume of the book is much smaller. On this, it is worth remembering only that if you decide to sell books, they should look neat and beautiful both on the monitor and in print. That's when the user will not care how much your book is.

You can even increase the volume of the book by using different pictures, photos, etc. This is the simplest, but the most qualitative way to increase the volume of the book. Only here it is necessary to adhere to one condition - graphic objects should help the author understand the meaning of the book, and not just take up space in it. For example, you bought a book on how to apply makeup correctly. And there is not a single picture in it, just plain text. Of course, you will not be delighted with such a book. Or you bought a book with culinary recipes, and it has solid pictures, but not a drop of text. As a result, you too will be upset. For this, remember that in the electronic book graphic images should carry useful information and contribute to a quick and qualitative study of the book.

I would like to draw the following conclusions:

  • In an electronic book, you need to post as many pages as you need to describe the topic as a whole
  • when creating your book, it's better to follow the rules for writing and writing text documents
  • all the pictures and photos that you place in the book should only complement its text, rather than increase the volume.
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