The fragrance of Premier Jour from Nina Ricci

The fragrance of Premier Jour from famous Nina Ricci

The fragrant composition Premier Jour is designed primarily for those women who are confident and know exactly what they need to achieve in life. The possessor of this fragrance is enveloped in a subtle, barely perceptible allusion to femininity, vulnerability and sensuality. Perfume Premier Jour can be described as a luminous, bright and rich flavor. Here, an amazing combination of morning gardenia and yellow mandarin, which is a kind of symbol of a warm sun.

The perfume composition conveys the beauty of a naked body, which is shyly covered with silk underwear. Aroma offers all women not to hide their natural beauty, and always be yourself. Perfume will emphasize the unique sophistication, sensuality and elegance of every woman. The owner of this fragrant composition is always charming, sometimes vulnerable. She likes to make important decisions on her own, and enjoy life every minute.

Meets the flower-oriental aroma with the notes of the petals of gardenia and yellow mandarin. Then, a heart note that neatly comes into its own, which will give you a soft tenderness of sweet pea, vanilla orchids and the warmth of candied almonds. Then slowly fascinate the final notes, which include sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

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