How to choose a wedding dress by the zodiac sign

The advices how to choose a wedding dress by the zodiac signThe advices how to choose a wedding dress by the zodiac sign, image number 2

Many thousands of years ago, people created a science according to which our destiny determines the location of the respective stars and constellations in the sky. Our ancestors made decisions often only after long studies of the sky and its "components". So why do not we take advantage of the advice of the stars with such a responsible choice - choosing a wedding dress?

  • Aries - a very fashionable girl who stands out as an interesting, extraordinary clothes, and bright makeup. She likes increased attention; To attract admiring glances to her - her hobby! As a rule, such a girl goes through life, as on the catwalk, with her head held high. A gorgeous lush dress with a decorated top and a red belt that emphasizes the waist - that's it! .. It's important not to overdo it with accessories - small dangling earrings will always be appropriate.
  • Taurus has a fine sense of taste, a love for high-quality and expensive things. In her wardrobe there may be some clothes, but all of it is necessarily the highest brand. This lady does not have equal in combining different materials, first of all for quality.
    Beige dress with corset handmade, which emphasizes the pluses of the figure. Golden ornaments and charming curls are a perfect addition to such an arrangement.
  • The Gemini girl has a very large wardrobe that displays all the mood swings. In her toilet there are different styles, shapes and colors of clothes. This fashionable woman will always be able to choose clothes for her inner state; And the clothes in turn make her reincarnate.
    In the outfit for this girl everything was combined: a dress with a ballerina skirt, from under which look classic shoes with a sharp nose, a stylish veil flower and a golden ribbon that emphasizes the waist.
  • Cancer - can boast of an elegant lean figure, which is well emphasized by tight clothing. This, in turn, creates an image of fragility, defenselessness, tenderness. Such a girl "meets by the clothes" and if you are not dressed fashionably or slovenly - do not rely on her location!
    The perfect dress is one that emphasizes her slender figure. The water element is present in this image - the real Little Mermaid.
  • Lioness is more conservative in choosing her clothes, but has a good taste. The range of choice of style is very wide, but the outfit always differs in quality, subtle colors, nobility of taste. This "fiery" girl has a natural gift to see what goes to her and what not.
    A dress for such a young lady - with a lush skirt with a tender silvery gleam of Swarovski stones. The lioness-queen in all her glory ... Diamonds perfectly complete the royal image.
  • The girl Virgo is very practical when choosing and buying clothes, in the first place she pays attention to its functionality , on the part. As for color and style - here she adheres to traditional views. The main thing is rigor, simplicity of details, rationalism and intelligence.
    A dress for such a "rationalist" is a figure dress from expensive, dense material. Well-groomed skin and hair are the best decoration of the beautiful Virgin.
  • The girl Libra very delicately feels the style and form, easily synthesizes the color in clothes. Prefers gentle colors, light and silky fabrics. This lady listens to fashion, but draws for herself only those trends that face her.

    Choice is a light, air dress made of lace, supplemented by a long veil. A real Fairy that enchants everyone around.
  • Scorpionshu is often compared to a stormy stream of water - it does not stand still, is in perpetual motion. This girl is a real workaholic in terms of working on her own kind: wear herself out with sports and diets for the sake of the figure of the dream, will pick up the outfits until the last until the appearance reaches perfection.
    Dress with interesting accents: an incredible style and a chic bow. Ivory shoes and a chaotic veil - that's the fateful girl-Scorpio in all its glory.
  • The girl Sagittarius is a very interesting and purposeful person. She will never dress like everyone else. Her things should be the most fashionable and the best. For this young lady it is very important to approve of relatives when buying a new super-fashionable thing.
    A dress that every girl represented in her childhood. A real princess in a classic wedding dress. This Cinderella will not go unnoticed, but will always be in the limelight.
  • The girl Capricorn has a wonderful, very strict taste, does not like to wear jewelry.
    A vintage dress with a simple, laconic belt of a different color. Elegant hairstyle a la Scarlett O'Hara and bright red lipstick - everything is matched to the smallest detail.
  • Aquarius specific taste - it attracts all the unusual. This girl defies the society, is not afraid to differ from the gray mass, thanks to her intelligence, which is a woman's adornment is not worse than appearance.
    A dress with an accent on a unique, beautiful belt. For this image, a 60-style hairstyle and modest decorations-earrings-droplets-are suitable.
  • Fish likes soft, silky, tight clothes, and does not like things that are at least a little bit it is great. She pays attention to fashion, tries to keep up with her, has an innate sense of beauty.

A coquettish short dress that emphasizes the charming legs of its owner. The Pisces girl will also choose fashionable shoes from the latest collection. Do not forget about the stylish accessories: veil, purse and jewelry for the wedding.

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